Water Heaters Only Moves To 7312 Elmo St Tujunga CA

water heater tujunga location

Water Heaters Only, Inc at our brand new warehouse. We’ve moved in and here is our Senior Technician Mark C is getting the keys from our new landladies! Water Heaters Only, Inc Branch Location 7312 Elmo St, Tujunga, CA 91042 323-234-7071 / 1-800-833-4571 By Appointment Only – Phones Answered 24/7 Email: laoffice@waterheatersonly.com We’ve moved and our …

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Real Estate Agent Pro Partner Program

Happy Water Heaters Only, Inc Customer Standing next to his new water heater with a 5 star for Water Heaters Only sign

  For years, Water Heaters Only, Inc. has provided quick, reliable and affordable water heater service throughout Southern California. Whether it’s a leaking 40 gallon water heater in a garage in Silverlake or a 100 gallon commercial water heater servicing an entire apartment building in Inglewood, we are the experts that many rely upon to get …

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Water Heater Venting

water heater venting

Water Heater Venting Issues When most people think about their water heater, they think only of the water heater itself and not necessarily the pipes and vent that are connected to it. However, the vent is an important part of a well-functioning water heater. Improperly installed vents can not only cause a water heater to malfunction, …

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Los Angeles 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Installation

Los Angeles 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Installation Imagine this: You’re taking a shower and somewhere in the middle you notice the water keeps getting cooler and cooler and then all of the sudden you are hit with cold water. Or maybe you get home and notice a small river is escaping your garage. These scenarios …

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How To Light A Pilot Light

How to light a pilot light

How To Light A Pilot Light On Your Water Heater Watch our video below for help on “how to light a pilot light” you can also contact us 24/7/365 for additional questions or help with your water heater 1-800-833-4571. If your pilot light has gone out, it may be as easy are relighting your pilot. There …

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The 5 Best Places that Locals Eat in Los Angeles

la best places to eat

We get hungry after a long day of installing hot water heaters in Los Angeles! These are our top 5 choice meals in L.A.#1  The legendary salad at La Scala Boutique, 434 N Canon Dr. in Beverly Hills Nothing says So Cal like a healthy, refreshing chopped salad and La Scala has been dicing salami and garbanzo …

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“Water Drought Over,” declares Governor. But not in LA…

los angeles drought

On April 4, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown officially declared the water drought over in the state of California. Does that mean that Los Angelenos should start taking longer showers right away? Not so fast!  The Los Angeles Times releases this article showing that while most of the state of California has gone from Extreme Drought conditions to …

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Highlighting our star technician in LA: It’s Tony Time!

All of our employees here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. Los Angeles are great and when we received stellar review after stellar review for our technician Tony… well, we just had to shout out about it! Please watch the video below to hear all about Tony’s outstanding work with hot water heaters in the Los Angeles area. …

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3 visual tips to give your hot water heater a long life

longer water heater life

Are you keeping an eye on your hot water heater? An ounce of prevention eliminates a lot of possible headaches down the line. Here are 3 things you can do to give your hot water heater a long life: 1) Drain or flush your hot water heater! Use either a 5-gallon bucket or a garden hose …

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