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At Water Heaters Only, Inc we receive a lot of phone calls with questions about waters. There there are a few common water heater problems our customers call about most often; no hot water, not enough hot water and a leaking water heater.

We will talk about each of these water heater FAQ’s in depth. However if you are doing some trouble shooting or have a questions about a problem with your water heater that is not stated above, please call our water heater experts for assistance or see our main website FAQ’s page for a list of over 50 detailed water heater FAQ issues and what me be causing the problem. You can also call and speak with one of our water heater experts 24/7/365 (323) 234-7071 to discuss your water heater problem.

No Hot Water

When you go to take a shower or use a hot water faucet and notice there is no hot water, this can mean a few different things. It’s always good to check and see if anyone else recently used the hot water, in this case the tank may be out of hot water and will need about 30 minutes to reheat. If that is not the case, then it is likely that the pilot light on the water heater has gone out.

The pilot light on a residential water heater stays lit continuously and assists with turning the burner on when the thermostat in the water heater senses that the water in the tank is not at the set temperature. There is a lot more mechanical and engineering work that goes into it, but to keep it simple, if the pilot light goes out then the burner can not turn on and the water will not get heated.

When a pilot light goes out the first step is to try and re-light the pilot. Watch our video How to light a pilot light for help in lighting a pilot.

Leaking Water Heater

The most important thing to keep in mind when your water heater starts to leak is to find where the leak is coming from. Depending on where the tank is leaking from you may be able to repair your water heater or it may need a full replacement.

If the tank is leaking from a pipe attached to the top or side of the water heater that runs down to the floor or to the wall and to the outside of the home (known as the temperature pressure relief valve and overflow pipe) you may not even need to do anything. If the water is coming out of the pipe itself, then the water heater is under extreme pressure or is too hot inside and has released the water for safety purposes. Either the incoming pressure is to high or the tank is overheating. On a working water heater this temperature pressure relief valve will close itself and the leak should stop. If it does, this is not really an issue that needs to be addressed. Keep an eye on the tank over the next few hours, and if it happens again you will want to have the issue checked out.

If the leak is coming from a connection, either where a pipe or a part is connected to the tank or connected to each other, you will probably be able to repair this type of issue. You can attempt to repair this yourself or call (323) 234-7071 for assistance and we can schedule an service appointment for a technician to visit the home and fix the situation.

If the leaking water heater might cause damage to the surrounding area it is best turn turn the gas or electricity and water to the unit off. Check out our video – How to turn off a leaking water heater – for assistance in turning off your tank.

If the leak is coming from around the bottom of the tank or is mysteriously seeping from out from underneath the unit, this usually means that the internal tank has ruptured and the entire unit will need to be replaced. Contact our water heater experts to discuss your options and set up an onsite estimate for a water heater replacement. Our technician can confirm the problem upon arrival and give you the exact cost for replacement.