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Below are a small sample from our thousands of customer reviews. Enjoy hearing what our customers have to say about using our services and why you should choose W.H.O. for your water heater replacement. If you have questions or need service call us, 323-234-7071 – we answer our phones 24/7/365 and do not charge extra for evening or weekend service.

5 Star Rated Service“Water Heaters Only made replacing my aging water heater easy! They gave me a date and 3 hour window to show up for an estimate. Brad called me and let me know what time he would be arriving. He gave me an assessment of the situation and provided an estimate to replace the water heater. He had a replacement with him and was able to do it immediately. He advised me along the way of any modifications that he recommended and completed the job in 2 1/2 hours. He made me feel confident in his ability to get the job done correctly and I am very happy with the outcome. He did a great job! Thank you Brad!” Laurie K, 4/16/19, Review provided by Google

5 Star Rated Service“Overall, I had a great experience. Excellent customer service, very thorough work, and I loved how quickly they were able to squeeze me in, especially since it was a Sunday (4/7/19). Mario is a great installation technician! But be aware, they are a bit pricey. Sincerely, Bridget H, 4/8/19 Review provided by Google

5 Star Rated Service“This is truly an amazing company and what makes it more special is their technician Mike. Mike installed our water heater and did a fantastic job! We had a minor problem close to a year later and he came out immediately to fix it! Mike has a great attitude and is proficient at what he does. The company is lucky to have him and we were lucky to have him do our installation. I highly recommend Water Heaters Only and especially Mike.” Andrew B, 1/23/19 Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service“We have employed this company for our home’s water heater needs since 1990. As always this technician, Brad, was a professional. He called 30 minutes before his arrival on January 11, 2019. He used protective covering for the floor. He was efficient, cordial, informative, and neat. Malinda and Mike” 1/16/19, Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service“We discovered we had no hot water in the middle of the night. Our water heater was 13 years old so we figured it had seen it’s last days. My sister-in-law referred us to Water Heaters Only because the company she works for does business with them. David came out and determined we had a bad fuse so he suggested we call an electrician to fix it instead of buying a new water heater. The next day, January 9,2019 we decided to go ahead with a new water heater anyway because ours was old and we didn’t want to have it die on us soon. David came out again and was very kind and professional! Our water heater was installed quickly and properly. We are very pleased and would definitely recommend Water Heaters Only!” Rick P, 1/13/19, Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service

“I called Water Heaters Only and was impressed with their polite and prompt service.
Our service technician Tony was wonderful. He was there on time, very polite and extremely professional. He looked at my water heater and advised it would need to be replaced. I had a new water heater installed within 90 minutes and hot water shortly thereafter. He was very neat and clean when installing the water heater and explained everything I would need to know about the new water heater. I would highly recommend Water Heaters Only to family and friends and anyone looking for a new water heater.” Erica G., 11/25/17, Review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service“First the company had a hot line to guide us through how to shut off the water when we discovered our water heater had blown. Thank you. Secondly they fit us in at the end of the same day. Tony came out to just give an estimate but he went above and beyond the call of duty. He is awesome and amazing. He went and got a heater after unloading his van of another heater that he had fixed. He then came and installed our heater late, after his long work day and he was so nice, so completely skilled and just an outstanding person. He didn’t have to do what he did but we are so thankful Tony came to our rescue. Thanks Tony. You are awesome! We really really appreciate what you did.” Mary F., 11/20/17 , Review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service“To my surprise, I was given a window of 10 am to 1 pm the same day. Dan could not have been more pleasant or more professional to deal with. He called about 30 min before arriving, just like I was told he would, to make sure I was home. Then he walked me through what he would have to do to replace and install the new heater. . .  Dan made the entire experience less stressful, and the customer service — from the first call to the final invoice — was just as great as waking up to a busted water heater at 6 am on a Friday could be. If it’s your turn to replace your heater, give this service a try. Judging from the other reviews, they have a good record out there.” Anna P, 7/12/17, Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service“We had an emergency replacement job and Water Heaters Only came out within two hours and did a great job replacing the water heater quickly. Highly recommend for all water heater needs.” David M, 6/15/17, Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service

“I run a laundromat. Hot water is important. I agreed and they did the job SAME DAY… a good cost for what I got and the efficiency of it. awesome company. Don’t go anywhere else!” Dee F, 5/6/17, Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service“This team was great.  We were overdue to replace our water heater, and finally had to when it began leaking.  Calling Water Heaters Only, they were prompt to answer the phone, super nice and informative (and helpful).  They came over when they said – actually called before the appointment and said they had a cancellation and would it be alright if they came earlier.  All was smooth, installation was completed quickly and everything was better than it had been before.  They know their stuff.” Stephen G, 3/15/17, Review provided by Yelp.com

5 Star Rated Service“Tony came out to our home yesterday (February 20,2017) and determined that our 16+ year old water heater needed to be replaced. He gave us a quote and answered all our questions and even encouraged us to get several other quotes. When asked if his quote was competitive, he told us that Water Heaters Only, Inc. would be the lowest price. They don’t even advertise, but receive business by word of mouth and from repeat customers (like us). Of coarse, we wanted hot water right away and decided to have him install a new tank, which he did right away. Tony was great and did a very professional job and was extremely polite and helpful. The new tank is made in the U.S.A. and is more efficient than the old one too. Thanks Tony!” Patricia B, 2/21/17, Review Provided by Facebook.com

5 Star Rated Service

“Fantastic. Really, I’m a tough customer and Tony (my installer) and the company were just great. I found this company on Angie’s List, used a coupon ($150 for $300 worth of service) to bring the $1399 price (which included an extra $100 I chose to pay for extended warranty service) down to $1099. (So total out of pocket was $1200.) Install was perfect, everything brought up to code, explained, etc. I called on Sunday night and they arrived and installed everything by noon! If the whole universe was this efficient, life would be grand. The fact that they do nothing but water heaters makes all the difference.” Joanne H, Los Angeles, CA, 2/13/17, Review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service

“He service was fast, professional, friendly and affordable with the Angieslist promo. The job was completed about 7 months ago and we have had zero problems or complications to date.” Michael K, Hacienda Heights, CA, 1/11/17, Review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service

“I called at 9 am and was immediately set up for an appointment at 11 am. The technician (Fabian) was polite, professional, and got right to work. He replaced the water heater, as well as the pan. He also replaced a wooden floorboard underneath the unit. The job was done in 90 minutes. The water heater and everything around it looks clean and new. Couldn’t be better.” Ashwin V, Los Angeles, CA, 1/6/16, Review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service “This went great. Tony was quick and professional, I’m very happy with the new unit. I didn’t get a hot water heater with a lot of bells and whistles, just a basic “plumber recommended” model. That’s all I need. Very happy with this choice.” Jessica F, Los Angeles, CA, 12/12/16, Review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service

“Tony came out to give us a quote and was available immediately to do the job. We thought the price was fair even if we weren’t on a short timetable and said go for it. Tony replaced the water heater, including bringing our pipes and other gear up to the latest earthquake codes and carrying the old unit down two flights of narrow stairs, so quickly he didn’t even need to move out of the two-hour parking zone. We were tremendously pleased and would definitely hire again (although we hope the new water heater has a long, happy life). Nicolas D, Santa Monica, CA, 11/281/16, Review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service

“The gentleman that came to take care of the replacement was very knowledgeable and very courteous. We really appreciated that. Thank you!” Nicolas S, Riverside, CA, 11/22/16 Review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service

“Everything went great. This was referred by my Home Warranty company. The technician communicated with them quickly to get the job done immediately.” Denise P, Huntington Beach, CA, 11/8/16, review provided by Angieslist.com

5 Star Rated Service“Our tenant called today to say they had no hot water! I was referred to your company by a plumber we usually use who was overloaded with work. Yours was the most reasonable estimate of the three I got to replace the water heater, and the best part was the job was done the same afternoon! Everything looks wonderful. Our tenants are very happy to have hot water again. Brad, the technician, was so hardworking and polite. We will definitely be calling you for any further water heater needs in the future. Thanks again!” Diane W, Los Angeles, CA 10/15/16, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service “I scheduled an appointment to have my 17 year old water heater replaced. The Water Heaters Only technician (Tony) arrived on time and completed the job without a hitch. He patiently answered all my questions and showed me how to make adjustments to the water temperature. Excellent work.” Steve M, Los Angeles, CA 10/29/16, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service “The morning of 10/18/2016 we were without hot water. After several attempts to re-light the pilot on our water heater and realizing it was 18 years old we thought it best to have a new one installed. After shopping around we decided to contact Water Heaters Only who had installed our current water heater. Their price came in about $600 lower than the competitors. After speaking with a courteous representative we were given an approximate time when a service man would be out to do the installation. Shortly afterwards we received a follow-up call and were given a precise time. Tony arrived and explained what he would need to do to take out the old water heater and replace it with the new one. He was very friendly and courteous. Within about an hour a knock came at the door which was Tony saying the job was completed. He explained how to operate the settings on the new water heater and said it would be about a half hour or so before we had hot water which we were delighted to hear. We highly recommend Water Heaters Only to anyone needing service and/or replacement. Thank you!” Don G, Tustin, CA, 10/20/2016, review provided by Google.com

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5 Star Rated Service“Very happy with the quick and professional service by Water Heaters Only. The technician was very professional and knowledgeable (sic). He did a fantastic job on the installation and informed us of everything he was doing.” Frank S, Los Angeles, CA, 8/10/16, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service “Water Heaters Only answered the phone promptly and gave me reasonable estimate and appointment the next day. Tony phoned me and came to my home on time and explained work to be done in detail. He did a superb job and I am completely satisfied. Thanks again, Tony. ” The Stiger Company, Artesia, CA, 8/2/16, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service “I turned off a 15 year-old old water heater during a re-pipe job, and when the pipers were done the heater wouldn’t start up again. The technician, Tony, got here and had replaced it within three hours of my call. I’ve done business with WH Only for a long time and have been happy with every transaction.” Anthony B, 7/29/16, Santa Monica, CA, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service“Tony came by my home on 7/22/16 to offer me a quote on replacing my 75 gallon gas water heater. Out of the three quotes I had received, Water Heaters Only came in with the most reasonable apples to apples price. I asked when they could perform the work and Tony said he had the tank in his truck and could perform the work on the spot. I pulled the trigger and Tony went to work answering all of my questions along the way. Stellar work, stellar technician. Thank you!” Andrew E, Los Angeles, CA, 7/23/16, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service“Provided honest quote over the phone that helped me recognize ‘payless water heaters’ was ripping me off (by almost double). They had a technician at my door within an hour, and the installation complete for very close to the phone estimate 2 hours later. This is a great company to work with.” Joules T, Los Angeles, CA, 7/15/16, review provided by Google.com

5 Star Rated Service“Water Heaters Only is an A+ company. David, my technician on May 29, 2016, quickly installed a new water heater and took away the debris. He was cheerful and professional. I am very pleased with the exceptional job David did for my mother.” Donna L, Hollywood, CA, 6/1/16, review provided by Google.com